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Eating is a Spiritual Discipline.

...for every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills. ​​Psalm 50:10

"Factory farms place our public health
and food supply at risk, pollute the
environment and our drinking water,
and wreck rural communities—while
increasing corporate control over our food."

The links to articles, websites and videos on this page contain a wealth of information to assist you on your journey to learn more about where the majority of our nation's food comes from. 

Rolling Stone Article: 
In the Belly of the Beast 
Forbes article: Why Factory Farming isn't What You Think

World Animal Protection

Food and
Water Watch

The Atlantic: The Dangerous Psychology of Factory Farming
Cornucopia Institute: The Hidden Cost of Cheap Meat
Factory Farm Map
Compassion in World Farming: Factory Farming is Everywhere


Farm Sanctuary

Diseases on Rise Because of Factory Farming
Drone Footage Exposes Horrors of Factory Farming
Washington Post: Your pig almost certainly came from a factory farm



Factory farming is a Global Public Health Crisis

Factory Farming Awareness Coalition

Mercy for Animals

The Save Movement

Animal Welfare Institute

80,000 Hours